The Last Poetry I ever Write for You

The very last poetry I ever write For you. Would speak of the rainbows we chased together And the rains we washed our sorrows The nights We shed tears together And the morning We lay awake sun gazing And the nights moon gazing And again the mornings Efflorescing love Would speak of the evenings We… Continue reading The Last Poetry I ever Write for You

The Night.

The beauteous dark sky, This stillness, And the passel of thoughts to explore. This is the night, Sadness landing over the head. The strange sounds hovering around, Amalgam of joys and sorrows drown. This is the night, Quilt of stars still awake. Here comes a wind breeze, Pretending to accompany my lonesomeness. Oh night; tell… Continue reading The Night.

The Quest

My mind bombarded by random thoughts, Loaded with ambiguities. My heart being precarious, A constant wave of emotions. My soul wanders in quest for peace, Entangled in my conflicting state of heart and mind. How do I deal with such uncertainties, Hiding underneath. I wonder if this world is a delusion, My mind questions my… Continue reading The Quest

Beware Of Monsters

Reading the title of my blog, you must be assuming this article to be something related to monsters or demons; those who scare us in nightmares. But here I’m talking about real monsters of our lives not those abstract ones. Those who enter our lives to create problems for us. Those people who can reach… Continue reading Beware Of Monsters

How Can I?

How can I forget you, If you are the only one I remember. How can I stop missing you, If you were the only hope I had. The day you disappeared from my life, I turned into a lifeless soul. Seems like my world shifted, Towards the haven of emptiness. Oh my lost love, Answer… Continue reading How Can I?