The Road to an Abstract World

Interminable roads take me somewhere. Diverging me towards a path; Unsearched, unknown. A point where the destiny fails, the world ends, to an elusive firmament. I move and move along the flow. Seeking an urge to uncover mysteries; Unexplored, unknown. I step up high, A place where the angels appear, the satan die, in the… Continue reading The Road to an Abstract World


my mind is a labyrinthcacophony ofsentimentstortureand scepticismit’s an unsolved mysteryI pass hither and thithercolliding with skies and oceansbed of cloudsand bed of seashellsthe mirror reflects fierce facehiding the scars. shiny skin.glittery eyes.swollen lips I may swallow orange peels out of madnessAnd sometimes the left crumbs of my skin out of sadnessI may bleed through my… Continue reading Labyrinth

The Last Poetry I ever Write for You

The very last poetry I ever write For you. Would speak of the rainbows we chased together And the rains we washed our sorrows The nights We shed tears together And the morning We lay awake sun gazing And the nights moon gazing And again the mornings Efflorescing love Would speak of the evenings We… Continue reading The Last Poetry I ever Write for You