Final Goodbye 

Finally the time came to bid him a last goodbye. It had to be the last never to be exchanged anything. Things had already reached the verge of extinction of our relationship and there was nothing left to savour or cherish. Sadly and unfortunately, it turned to a hollow cave from a bed of roses. Feelings, emotions and desires are sometimes need to be swallowed within ourselves to protect the inner self and heart in distress. The goodbye was heart wrenching. My entire existence sank into a pool of melancholy. My eyes shed the tears and my lachrymose heart bled as if someone struck the walls of my pumping organ with a stone. But I very well knew, my heart required relief. Relief from a one-sided relationship I was bound to, waiting for things to settle and miracles to happen someday that were never to come. Eventually, that final goodbye mollified my heart and the pangs of misery disappeared. 

Melancholy (Fiction) 

​She kept sobbing, shivering, whimpering hard that night. The night, emotions and her life brought her such melancholy that she couldn’t cease herself shedding those piquant tears filled with ineffable dolor and wretchedness. The darkness witnessed her barefaced pain, the quiet walls of room observed her numb state and the fan hung on ceiling examined silently her helplessness. Tears and blatant tears! A sudden memory struck her, how the person who gifted her those tears shamelessly used to hate her grieving at a time. How a single drop of her tears could pierce his heart as a serrated blade of knife does, leaving him shattered. And then reminiscing this, she wiped all of them in a stroke, swallowed the misery and slept

Screaming Words

You left me excruciating in pain, 

But your poetry didn’t. 

You words still scream of my love, 

My memories, my presence. 


Artwork by: Garima Verma (one of my friends) 

PS:  This is the 200th post I made which I just got the notification from WordPress. And I am very elated to know that. I’ll complete a year on wordpress within few days. It’s been a pleasure showcasing my work on this platform, meeting great people and learning things. Thank you so much everyone for all the love and support in any from. Love you all. 😍😇😘