His words of hatred  Stroke me so bad,  My bones feel heavy  Carrying the weight  Of animosity,  He held for me.  And now my heart  Is completely vacuous  And devoid of sentiments.  -SHREYA  Follow me on Instagram: @sharmashreya020 Advertisements

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I see myself withering  by time like wilted petals  collapsing to despair  concealing loud screams the tint fading Indeed, I am a flower,  disheveled  -SHREYA 

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The venom of your words captured my soul  And the memories linger on my heart  And now there is no way of catharsis -SHREYA 

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Melancholy (Fiction) 

​She kept sobbing, shivering, whimpering hard that night. The night, emotions and her life brought her such melancholy that she couldn’t cease herself shedding those piquant tears filled with ineffable dolor and wretchedness. The darkness witnessed her barefaced pain, the quiet walls of room observed her numb state and the fan hung on ceiling examined […]

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The pain is real And severe Making me feel I am alive In this desolation Eyes are sleepless Struggling for sleep Tears shedding Venting sadness Underneath Thoughts infinite The bitterness Circumscribes Mind And heart -SHREYA

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I’ll move on

It’s a tough phase and I know I’ll move on.  Sometimes, life presents you such situation it becomes difficult to tackle. Nowadays, I am in such phase. I am broken. I’m hurt. I can’t smile on days. I can’t sleep in nights. I can’t narrate my emotions to someone and thus, writing is the only […]

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You sprouted seeds  Of revival in me  Enriched my roots  And then you  Withered my florets  Squelching my roots  Leaving me abandoned  -SHREYA 

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Open loop

I know our love story isn’t going anywhere, darling  But that’s how I like things,  Open loop!  -SHREYA 

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