I don’t Fear Anymore

Sitting on bed my back against the bed frame, I feel something loathsome. I know there it is; the brownish creeping creature that usually scares me like anything, giving tremors in my heart. This time, I sit with more comfort and ease. Not anymore. Now, I can feel it crawling on the wall behind me, maybe an inch close to my hair falling on my back. But, I don’t fear anymore. The lizard.



It’s not just a vulnerable insecurity.

It’s a sword that bleeds the heart outside and kills it inside.

It’s a rage that enters the deepest corners of heart and unveil the furtive demons.

It’s a negative emotion that annuls all the positivism and generosity and conquer it.

It’s a battle between mind and heart when heart knows it’s wrong but mind overpowers it.

It’s an extreme form of holding possession.

It’s a fury.

It’s a FIRE. 

Little Happiness

Hello friends! My blog mates 🙂
I started this blog on 22 Feb. It has been just 17 days since I have started this blog. And I am totally in love with this platform “WordPress”. 🙂

To be honest, I never knew I could write. No, am not perfect in it. But I like it when whatever I feel and put it into words. That single notification, regarding any likes/comments/follow simply makes my day.


I got insanely happy! 😉
And this,


This made me feel like, I am a little celebrity! Lol 😀

And then,


I can’t explain. 😉

Well, I am acting kiddish. But I am really feeling happy about this. Having 100 followers, pretty no. Of likes and comments. The overwhelming responses you all give makes me happy. 🙂
Sometimes the little happinesses mean so much to me. Stupid me!
I hope to write better and stay in touch with you all. I’ll like to learn as much as I can from all my fellow bloggers.
Many miles to go and milestones to achieve.
In love with this Blogosphere. ❤

Thanks for reading.