La douleur exquise (The exquisite pain) 

La douleur exquise (n): The heart wrenching pain of wanting affection of someone unattainable 

Your memories still linger here and there, 

In the characters of my books I found you 

In the lyrics of songs I loved 

And your honey essence on my skin 

And suddenly you disappeared from the sight 

And left me yearning for everything to get back 

This addiction and exquisite pain make me bleed for you 

La douleur exquise! 



So much was there in the voids of my heart to speak and confess, 

But all I could offer you was my silence in your presence. 


At times, when you have so much to say, a lot of things to express that has been hidden in the darkest corners of your heart since long. But when the moment comes, all you end up is in staying quiet and holding back all your emotions and sufferings within yourself only. Sometimes in fear of letting all things go, you choose to stay silent.

Short Story 6

His words out of exasperation struck her like an arrow. 

Her tears in dolor flooded his heart like gushing rain 

He made her smile within seconds effortlessly. 

And again they were together, 

Desperately. Passionately. 

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