When Our Lips Met

Darling When our lips met and we kissed I lost myself to you whole at once And this world reduced to nothing In a moment Those throbbing instants took me Into a beautiful oblivion And since then, I am incapable to Think of anyone else except you. -SHREYA Advertisements

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So much was there in the voids of my heart to speak and confess,  But all I could offer you was my silence in your presence.  -SHREYA At times, when you have so much to say, a lot of things to express that has been hidden in the darkest corners of your heart since long. […]

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I think days and nights,  And keep on building castles in air.  Days come, nights disappear  The thoughts remain unchanged,  That you’d appear someday  And tell me “you’re mine”.  -SHREYA 

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Short Story 6

His words out of exasperation struck her like an arrow.  Her tears in dolor flooded his heart like gushing rain  He made her smile within seconds effortlessly.  And again they were together,  Desperately. Passionately.  To read the story posted previously, you can find the links below: Short Story Short Story 2 Short Story 3 Short […]

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His Fortuitous Presence 

He paints her lifeless soul with his colorful love.  He sets her untamed scars to naught in no seconds.  He searches and discovers a new beginning in her.  He protects her in his fervour umbra.  Eventually, he delicately takes her to ataraxia. 

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